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发布人:管理员   发布时间:2020-11-3

The quality of slope protection is directly related to the quality of slope protection. Moreover, the mold needs to be used repeatedly, so there are certain characteristics of its material requirements, the following is to introduce what characteristics the slope protection mold needs to have.

特性一,首先说bob综合手机版的表面,需要具备足够的硬度和耐磨性。First of all, the surface of the slope protection mold needs to have enough hardness and wear resistance.

特性二,模具材料需要经过各种加工方式,所以必须具有优良的切削加工性。Second, the mold material needs to go through various processing methods, so it must have excellent machinability.


特性三,为了方便护坡的生产,模具表面要****光滑,这就要求bob综合手机版的材料必须具有良好的抛光性能。Third, in order to facilitate the production of slope protection, the mold surface must be absolutely smooth, which requires that the material of slope protection mold must have good polishing performance.

特性四,bob综合手机版的材料还必须具有良好的热稳定性。Characteristic 4, the material of slope protection mould must also have good thermal stability.

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