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发布人:管理员   发布时间:2020-11-10

Most of the materials for slope protection mold are plastic mold, or polypropylene PP, and a few of them are ABS. The following points should be paid attention to when lifting the slope protection mould:

1. The lifting is under the command of a single operator, and the operator should be on the side of the mold to control and prevent the large swing of the slope protection mold after leaving the ground. When adjusting to the top of the injection machine and starting to lower, it is necessary to cut slowly and stably to prevent damaging the injection machine or mold.


2. It is strictly forbidden for the slope protection mold to fall into the air, and no one is allowed to stand under the mold. After the mold is aligned with the template positioning hole, slowly close the template and mold. At the same time, check the alignment again.

3.此时,注射机不加价,吊具不松吊,操作注射机喷嘴,慢慢靠近,轻轻接触浇口套,查看是否对正,经检查无误,模具各部正常,可稍加压力,之后松开并撤离吊具 。
3. At this time, the injection machine does not increase the price, and the spreader is not loose. Operate the injection nozzle, slowly approach, gently contact the gate sleeve to check whether it is aligned. After inspection, all parts of the mold are normal, and a little pressure can be applied. After that, release and withdraw the spreader.