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发布人:管理员   发布时间:2020-11-24

The slope protection mould is mainly used to produce high-speed railway slope protection brick and dam slope protection brick tool to prevent water and soil loss. Concrete is put into the mold box to form by vibration. After natural solidification and drying, the mold can be used.

The slope protection mold is white polypropylene plastic injection molding, with various shapes and sizes. The commonly used size styles are hexagonal slope protection mold, hexagonal block slope protection mold, arch slope protection mold, and rectangular cement slope mold.


According to the common use of water conservancy slope protection mold, high-speed slope protection mold, railway slope protection mold; according to the production is divided into, cement slope protection mold, plastic slope protection mold. In terms of distribution, the production of slope protection plastic mold is mainly in Baoding area.

Because of various advantages, the slope protection mold is widely used in engineering. For example, the water conservancy slope protection mold is used for the river bank, water conservancy transportation engineering, and the highway slope protection mold is used to protect the highway subgrade. It can be seen that the slope protection mold is an important structure of engineering construction.