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发布人:管理员   发布时间:2021-5-7

How to use slope protection mould? Because this kind of mould is one of the plastic moulds of concrete precast block, the production method and process are basically the same. Before using, the interior of slope protection mould needs to be fully oiled


Then the concrete raw materials need to be poured into the mold. Although the oil brushing operation is carried out, it is inevitable that there will be adhesion, so it needs to be cleaned in time, because the adhesion concrete will appear in the secondary use of the slope protection mold and in the preservation


For example, in the use of adhesive concrete mold in the production will lead to the production of product quality is greatly affected, the surface firmness is insufficient, and the surface is not smooth enough, so the beauty will be affected, not in line with people's aesthetic standards, also can not play the role of beautifying the road.



There are many problems in the preservation of the slope protection mould with concrete. Because it is made of plastic, it will be very afraid of corrosion, and the concrete has certain corrosiveness, which will accelerate the aging of the slope protection mould, and it will be easy to be damaged in the process of use


And because the storage is stacked, the number of stacked should be limited, too much will give the following mold a lot of pressure, resulting in deformation, the shape of the product will not be standard, slope protection mold can not be installed easily, which brings a lot of trouble to the construction party.