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发布人:管理员   发布时间:2021-6-19


As a pillar industry in mold, the cover plate mold has a leading position in design ability and manufacturing technology. Our factory focuses on the R & D and production of the cover mould, with strong technical strength and continuous innovation awareness


After unremitting efforts, we have successively launched efficient molds with high production efficiency, short cycle, safety and stability, no deformation, and good energy-saving and environmental protection functions.


In the process of production and processing of the cover plate mold, we should also pay attention to some details, such as the quality of cement affects its function. We'd better use cement made of high quality concrete



The cover mould often transports corrosive sewage, impurities, etc., which will affect the strength between cement and sand. If the concrete quality is not hard, it will damage the function of the cover mould and reduce the service life.


Now the demand of the cover plate mould is increasing. We should pay more attention to the details of production so as to make a better mould. Our manufacturing technology is more and more advanced and the quality is improved. Welcome to consult and discuss!