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发布人:管理员   发布时间:2022-5-21

Because EDM is a processing method that melts the die surface with the help of the high temperature generated by discharge, a white EDM metamorphic layer is formed on the machined surface and a strong tensile stress is generated. In this way, defects such as deformation or crack often appear in the EDM process of slope protection die.


When using the die of EDM, we must first take corresponding preventive measures to prevent overheating and decarburization during heat treatment, and fully temper to reduce or eliminate the residual stress


In order to fully eliminate the internal stress generated during quenching, high temperature tempering shall be carried out. In the process of production, after a certain interval or a certain number of parts are produced, the parts shall be sampled for inspection, that is, inspection. The purpose of intermediate inspection is to understand the wear speed of slope protection mold in use and evaluate the impact of wear speed on mold accuracy and part quality, so as to prevent unqualified products from appearing in batches.



At the end of production, the new type of parts finally manufactured shall be inspected, and the wear degree of steel molds and the necessity of repair or regrinding shall be judged in combination with the appearance inspection of molds.


In addition, by comparing the results of the first piece inspection and the last piece inspection, the wear speed of the die can be measured, so as to reasonably arrange the production batch of parts for the next operation and avoid the loss caused by the interruption of the operation due to the need for regrinding or repair during the next use of the die.