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发布人:管理员   发布时间:2023-2-22


China's rapid development and the rapid development of industry have posed a great threat to our environment. Therefore, environmental protection has become a problem that every citizen should be aware of, and along the road stone molds are gradually moving towards the road of low-carbon environmental protection development.


After years of development, the level of the stone mould industry along the road has been steadily rising, and there is great potential for development in the whole field of mould. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, more and more people begin to advocate the slogan of green environmental protection, and the stone mould along the road should keep pace with the times to meet people's needs. Ask.


Green die not only has little impact on the environment when using the cover die, but also greatly reduces the degree of environmental pollution caused by the final scrap process in the life process.



Nowadays, our country and even the whole world are advocating the road of green environment, so we should develop from a long-term perspective and strengthen the research and application of green design of stone moulds along the road.


Vigorously developing environmental protection industry is an important measure to implement sustainable development strategy. It meets the requirements of the international market and achieves a new era of green energy-saving through the development plan of new building materials and environmental protection machinery to meet the current development of the industry.