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发布人:管理员   发布时间:2023-3-15


Due to the high frequency of updating and replacement of various modern products, high requirements are put forward for the design and processing technology of stone moulds along the road. The competitive focus of the industry has gradually shifted to the fields of design, process innovation and standardization.


Enterprises have accumulated rich experience and high-quality human resources, which make their competitive advantages in these areas continue to strengthen. The research and development of new technology and investment, so that China's mold on the right track, guide China's industry in the future market has a stronger and higher competitiveness.



Roadside stone moulding parts show high precision, high complexity, high consistency, high productivity and low consumption. Processing and manufacturing methods have their unique creative value, which largely determines the quality, efficiency and development ability of products.


Roadside stone moulds are also highly valued in the domestic mould industry, especially in today's increasingly fierce competition, the level of technology and product quality competition, prompting the continuous acceleration of the development of our mould industry.


The development of die and mould industry is also very rapid, but if we want to maintain this development for a long time, we must constantly innovate products and improve die and mould production technology.